Technology and Broadcast JSC - Tekcast is a SOEs directly under the Ministry of Culture and Information, established under Decision No 34/2002 / QD-BVHTT of the Minister of Culture 10/12/2002 This message is the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, transformed into joint-stock company in 2015. The company is headquartered in Hanoi and branches operating in Ho Chi Minh City.
Right from the start-up period, the Company continued efforts, overcome many difficulties in order to strengthen its position as today. The company is the trusted partner of our clients domestically and internationally. Regular customers of the company is the radio and television across the country, especially the Vietnam Television, Ho Chi Minh City Television.

* Main business lines
- Consulting, supply of equipment, materials and cultural industries, cinema and broadcasting;
- Design and construction of interior, acoustic, light studio;
- Organizing cultural events, sport, tourism and trade promotion.

* The development path
- December 10, 2002, the Minister of Culture - Information issued Decision No. 34/2002 / QD-BVHTT on the establishment of Technology Development Company and TV-based organization and reorganization units:
+ Technology Center Cinema - Television Corporation for Export Supplies Film and Video was founded in 1979.
+ Company prototyping, Print and Advertising was established in 1993.
- On 06 May 04 2004, the Minister of Culture - Information issued Decision No.15 / 2004 / QD-BVHTT about merging company and Diafilm Photography was founded in 1997 in Company Development Television technology.
- December 3, 1997, the Minister of Culture - Information issued Decision No. 3840 / TC-QD on the establishment of the company Photography and Diafilm on a consolidated basis: Photography Central Company and Co. Central Diafilm company.
+ Precursor of the company's Central Diafilm Lights Film Workshop under the Ministry of Culture (Decision No. 120 / QD-VH date 18.03.1960 of the Minister of Culture).
+ The predecessor of the Company's Central Photography subordinate units Exhibition Center of Culture and Arts and Photography Vietnam (According to Decision No 20 / VH-QD dated 10/01/1989 of the Minister of Culture ).
- On 29/06/2010, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 2244 / QD-BVHTTDL approving the conversion plan Technology Development Company and Television Company Limited a member of the Technology and Communications;
- November 24, 2010, the Company Limited Member of Technology and Communications granted registration certificates Enterprise Co. Ltd is a member, corporate identification number 0101334094 by Department of Planning and Investment of Ha Issued by.
- On 01/4/2015, the Minister of Culture issued Decision No. 975 / QD-BVHTTDL on approving the equitisation plan Company Limited Technology and Communication JSC formation technology and television.
- On 03/7/2015, the Company was granted the certificate of registration of joint-stock company, business code: 0101334094 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.

* Achievements
Since its establishment, the company has been honored by receiving numerous awards and Emulation Flag of the grant, the departments, as follows:
- From 2003 to present: The company always receives Excellent Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;
- In 2004-2006: Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister;
- 2009: get Emulation Flag of the Prime Minister;
- 2010: Certificate of Merit of the People's Committee of Hanoi on the excellent performance of the activities to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi;
- 2013: The company has been honored by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Labor Medal Third Class.
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